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Authentic right through to the surface with personalised finishes.

You need not make compromises in your own home.

Our vast selection of finishes gives you the opportunity to highlight your very own style. And it doesn’t matter what Mystyle© designer floors finish you choose. The genuine wood character always stands out thanks to the patented high-precision printing technology we use. So Mystyle© designer floors always have the look and feel of warmth and well-being.

Oiled Wood

OW – the Oiled Wood structure reproduces the natural beauty and shimmer of a freshly oiled wood floor, with the additional advantage that our floors, in contrast with wood parquet, always retain their freshly oiled appearance. Not everything is visible to the eyes. It is only when you touch the surface that the warmth and comfort that this flooring exudes become apparent. Our Oiled Wood structure confirms to the requirements of anti-slip class R 10 (DIN 51130).

Soft Brushed SB – Soft Brushed. The techniques that are used today to raise the grain of solid wood flooring and the current trend among quality furniture makers to allow linear shapes to dominate the frontal aspects of their products provided the inspiration for this elegant and modern Soft Brushed structure. A very stylish effect is provided by the almost imperceptible changes in the play of ambient light on the surface.


Brushed Pore BP – Brushed Pore. With its deep make-up, brushed pore is a rustic and surprisingly modern structure that perfectly portraysthe fine nuances of a hand-made, real oak floor. The intensively brushed matt surface is highlighted by the shimmering glossy pores that vigorously reflect the light differently. Enjoy an original atmosphere and the unique walking feeling as if you were walking on massive, solid floor boards made of real wood.

Quercia QC – Quercia. This rough structure best matches a rustic, open-pored concept and is the perfect companion for oak. The slight shimmer of the finish and deep and wide grain not only look fantastic, but feel just as good, and hint at life in the country in Italy or in a log cabin in the Rocky Mountains.

Real Wood RW – Real Wood. Our Real Wood surface reproduces the detailed gradations characteristic of oak. The optical effect of the grain is combined with an authentically embossed and perfectly coordinated structure. The matt surface and the gleam of the pores authentically bring the Queen of Woods that is oak to life.

High Gloss HG – High Gloss. The ultimate expression of an elegant lifestyle. Our mirror-finish and resilient high gloss surfaces allow the full quality of our High Definition design to be appreciated. The intensity and interplay of colours engender flooring that is second to none.

Flanders Oak NF – Flanders Oak. This structure combines a matt surface with very elegant wood pores. Here, a surface was created that combines the characteristics and naturalness of real wood, making it the perfect compliment to oak, ash and stone pine. The wood design with open pores was explicitly aligned to the structure. The surface’s light pattern improves the preexisting 3D optical effects. With this, you emphasise the whole impression that the deep structure makes.